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Ordering & Contracts

You can easily order our services online by going to the pricing page and select the product you wish to order.
Usually we only need 1 working day to setup your services. If you have any special requirements it might take a little extra time, but never a lot.

Please do understand that our services require reverse DNS to propagate globally. This means that normally you can start using the services 24 hours after we have set them up for you.
All services we provide to our clients are installed on dedicated servers and are connected to dedicated IP's. Unfortunately that does not give the freedom to provide demo accounts.

In case you want to have a live demo from us, please contact us so we can schedule a demonstration of our services via Skype before ordering.
NO! We believe in freedom of choice and lengthy contracts do not fit into that.

All our services are also available per month. If you cancel your service 15th days before the start of your new billing period the services will end once your billing period ends as well.

If you have multiple services with us you can always decide to close one service and keep the others of course.


Paying for our services is done via credit card.

In case you have multiple services with us there is also a possibility to pay using bank transfer. Please contact your account manager for this as bank payments are accepted on a case by case basis.
YES! For the processing of our credit card payments we have partnered up with Stripe [link] and all communications between you, our servers and Stripe are processed via a secure connection.

For your peace of mind we would like to add that we do not store any of your credit card details on our systems.
In case you do not have a credit card, contact us prior to ordering so we can assist you.

If you are already a customer, then simply contact your account manager and we will help you out.
Billing is done on a monthly interval which starts the moment you order a service and is repeated every month automatically until you cancel a service. Since all our services are "pre-paid" we will invoice and charge you 14 days prior to the new invoice period.

The billing cycles work as follows:
  • When you order your service the first month is invoiced and charged directly.

  • 14 days prior to the new invoice period we invoice you and charge your credit card for the new invoice period.

  • Example: If your order a service on the 20th day of the month we will invoice and charge you directly when you order a service and on the 6th day of the month for the upcoming periods.
If you cancel a service at least 15 days prior to the new billing period you will not be charged anymore.

ProMTA™ Mail transfer agent

ProMTA™ is offered as a fully hosted and managed SaaS solution. In general this means that we will host ProMTA™ on our infrastructure and you do not have to worry about anything.
ProMTA™ automatically throttles the sending speed to the receiving ISP's. This speed varies based on many factors (like: IP reputation, rate limiting, acceptance rate etc.). Because of this it's impossible to give you accurate estimates you can send per day.

In general ProMTA™ will always send emails as fast as possible and the cleaner your email, the faster it will send.
Right now ProMTA™ is not offered as a stand alone product, but always comes with UNLIMITED email credits from our SMTP Relay service for FREE.


With us unlimited really means UNLIMITED! We do not have any "fair use policies" for the amounts of emails you send.

We will also never charge you for the amounts of contacts, campaigns or bandwidth used. This way you will never have any unpleasant surprises.
Using an unmanaged relay without our managed ProMTA™ software layer would result in extreme sending speeds... But faster is surely not always better when it comes to sending emails!

ProMTA™ favours deliverability over sending speed. If you really would like to use an unmanaged relay, we can set that up for you since as always, YOU DECIDE!
The only thing required from you is to point the nameservers of your sending domain to use.

We will provide you with the information needed to enter

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